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Implementation of the Ontario Health Team (OHT) model is intended to shift the delivery of healthcare to a coordinated continuum of care. Providers and organizations within the OHT will be clinically, administratively and fiscally accountable for providing care within the region. The patient population is based on existing patient flow to physicians, hospitals and services. Primary care needs to be the foundation of OHTs due to their perspective of the health system and strong relationships which already exist. There is an opportunity to align provider goals in the region based on population health needs.

The NSOHT held a physician engagement session in November 2019. The Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario (AFHTO) was able to provide an overview of OHTs and the path forward. Dr. Rob Annis, Family Physician North Perth FHT and OMA representative, shared lessons learned and models of development their regional OHT used.

During the development of the NSOHT, Dr. H. Darwish and Dr. H. Jilesen and other primary care providers have been contributing their clinical perspectives to the application, that was approved in September 2021.

Did you Know…

The OMA released a FAQ document for physicians

Guidance for Providers

The Ministry of Health has outlined the impact of OHT development for healthcare providers. You can click here to read “Ontario Health Teams: Guidance for Health Care Providers and Organizations”.

Guidance for Health Care Providers Cover
Graphic Illustrating the current state of the Ontario Healthcare compared to the new connected team

Connected Care

Connected Care updates from the Ministry are another tool to distribute timely communications about ongoing changes and developments. You can click here to read past updates and to sign up for future announcements.

The top graphic illustrates the current state of the Ontario Healthcare system with Primary Care, Acute Care, Mental Health & Addictions Services, Long-Term Care, Home Care, and Community Care all working independently for the patient. The bottom graphic illustrates how patients will now receive all their care, including Primary Care, Hospital Services, Mental Health & Addictions Services, Long-Term Care, and Home and Community Care from one connected team.

RISE : Rapid-Improvement Support and Exchange

RISE is a new community of practice developed to provide information and support during OHT implementation. They have created foundational briefing notes using evidence-based approaches for OHTs.

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