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Our Partners

The formal alliance of Chigamik Community Health Centre (CHC), the County of Simcoe, Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH), Hospice Huronia, Independent Living Services Simcoe County, North Simcoe Family Health Team (NSFHT), and Wendat Community Programs was formed from the strong history of partnerships and collaborations to advance quality patient care in our community. The organizations representing hospital services, team-based primary care, mental health community services, hospice care, independent living support, and county services have a proven track record of providing successful coordinated care in the North Simcoe region.

Formal alliance members have various designations to serve our diverse populations. Chigamik CHC has been accredited as the only tri-cultural CHC in the province, and has a French Language Services designation. They offer community programs and services for Francophone, First Nations, Métis, Inuit and English speaking clients. Wendat is an official French language service provider. GBGH has partial French Language Services designation and has access to an Indigenous Patient Navigator.  This position is funded through Beausoleil and is a partnership between GBGH, Chigamik, Beausoleil First Nation, Metis Nation of Ontario, Georgian Bay Native Women’s Association, Ogemahwaj Tribal Council and Georgian Bay Native Friendship Centre.

Through consultation with affiliates and supporters, the members are informed and engaged in the OHT process. Providers are committed to improving care and the patient experience across all health and community services. Broad representation from all sectors that have an impact on the health of patients will ensure an informed and thoughtful service design.

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Patient Partnership & Engagement

Continuous input from patients and caregivers provide valuable insights about system transformation from the healthcare user perspective. The NSOHT includes advisory members who will help design a more coordinated health and social service model. Each partner also has patient feedback processes or patient and family advisors engaged in decision-making. This ensures the user experience is consistently considered within their internal program and service development. In addition, the local governance structure of the NSOHT will include patient representation at relevant sub-committees.

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Our Communities

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Priority Patient Population

As part of the application process, the Ministry of Health required applicants to identify a priority patient population for the first year. Over twenty providers of health and social services in North Simcoe have come together to prioritize needs and address gaps in services. Based on our unique community characteristics and health service utilization, seniors 65+ years old and Indigenous clients 55+ years old with complex health needs was identified.

Adults 65+ represent 24% of the North Simcoe population, many live in a rural setting below the low-income measure. Other considerations include social isolation, food insecurity and transportation, which creates barriers to accessing the care they need. We intend to re-design the system with a holistic approach to care which considers the whole patient – not just their medical needs.

Focusing on the structure of service delivery, programs and effective integrated care for the priority population will have the largest impact in the first year. This will be a seamless process from the patient perspective and all patients will continue to receive the care they need.